This semester, I have the unique opportunity to explore an area of education that I am very interested in. As a pre-service Adolescent and Young Adult educator, I am constantly researching the most recent pedagogical principles and teaching philosophies, while simultaneously developing my own beliefs. Throughout this process, I have become very interested in experiential education. Over the next 4 months, I will conduct an in-depth study of various aspects of experiential education and actually immerse myself in it this summer on an Outward Bound Mountaineering Course.

Most of the research I will do this semester can be categorized into the following three topics: experiential/adventure, mountaineering, and the Northern Cascades (where my Outward Bound course will take place). Links to pages displaying my research can be found on the top navigation bar. Studying experiential education will academically prepare me for my mountaineering adventure this summer, but it is also important to physically prepare for this upcoming challenge. To do this, I will be training for, and actually running a half-marathon in the 33rd Annual Glass City Marathon on April 25, 2009. My progress on this endeavor will be charted in the "Personal Challenge" link on the side navigation panel.

So take a look around the site and see all that I am learning!

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