Research Preparation

As I make the transition to focusing my research on mountaineering, there are two questions that I ask myself: first, "what do I already know about mountaineering?" and second, "what do I want to know about mountaineering?". My answers to these questions can be found below!

1. "What do I already know about mountaineering?

  • Takes place in the mountains.
  • Various terrains such as rock, snow, and ice.
  • Special gear is required.
  • Both men and women participate.
  • Has been done for many years.
  • Very important to learn technical skills prior to climbing.

2. "What do I want to know about mountaineering?"

  • When, where, why did it begin?
  • Who were the first mountaineers?
  • When, why, how did women get involved?
  • What have been the greatest accomplishments and failures?
  • What gear is required for various terrains?
  • Is there any standard gear?
  • How is gear used?
  • How has gear changed over the years?
  • Are there different branches/types of mountaineering?
  • What are most popular places to climb today?
  • What is the most dangerous climbs?
  • How/why do people become involved?
  • Who are the big names in mountaineering today?
  • Is there a "typical" mountaineer?

Over the next few weeks, I will be researching mountaineering through various texts and films. As I learn new information, I will answer the "what do I want to know?" questions on my Research page.

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